Top 5 surf spots in England

I started surfing about 10 years ago and if I dream one day of slipping on the waves of Hawaii, Australia or Latin America, I have the chance to live on an island with some spots are ranked among the best in the world.
On your boards, I make you discover surfing in English!

1. Newgale, Pembroke shire, Wales


The Welsh coast of Pembroke shire is one of those places that you never forget. The views are so grandiose that it is hard to get back on the road! National Park since the 1950s, the wild landscapes carved into the emerald hills and the steep cliffs that plunge into the ocean plant your decor.

New gale is the surfers’ paradise. The extent of its beach is such that even if many surfers are there on sunny days, you will always have the leisure to take the waves without disturbing other followers.


2. Watergate Bay, Cornwall

It is the spot to visit if you come to surf in Britain. Since the 1960s, Watergate Bay has been welcoming experienced surfers and beginners throughout the year. Watergate Bay is a bit like a ski resort but for surfing!

Hotel Watergate Bay is also dedicated to water sports and has one of the best surfing schools in the country. Count about £ 30 for a half day and £ 90 for a particular lesson.

Golden sand and exceptional waves are on the menu. And speaking of menu, discover also the restaurant “Fifteen” of the famous chef Jamie Oliver, right on the beach!

Cornwall surfing lessons and equipment are available at Cornish wave. Also ask them about the weather and surf conditions to come.

3. Porthmeor, St Ives, Cornwall

St Ives is one of my favorite villages in Britain. Its beaches, its croquignolette houses and its art galleries conquered me a few years ago. I return to it every year. The cobbled streets and the charm of its inhabitants will soon convince you!

And if summer brings a lot of tourists, the season is also an ideal place for beginner surfers who want to indulge in family sport. Indeed, in summer, Porthmeor beach will offer nicer waves than the rest of the year – which is reserved for seasoned surfers.

4. Saunton Sands, Devon


Waves that roll quietly on the beautiful beach of Saunton Sands in Devon, you will understand, the beach are reserved for beginners.

But rest assured, past the “corner” of Croyde Bay , surfers in search of challenges will delight. Be aware, however, that surfers on this side of the bay expect you to surf the wave as well as they do. If your level is not up to their requirements, I highly recommend staying at Saunton Sands. Your training will pay off and you will soon surf the wave with the semi-pros in Croyde Bay!

5. Boscombe, Bournemouth in the Dorset


I hesitated before mentioning Boscombe because the first time I went there, I did not really love it. I’m not talking about the surfing conditions, but about the people who used to go to the beach a few years ago.

Today, all this is only old history and – thanks to several millions of investment books – Boscombe now owns the first artificial “ramp” in Europe!

Discover this ramp that is the size of a football field, consists of 55 giant sandbags and allows you to learn the basics of the sport. Windsurfing and diving are also on the program.

From Boscombe, head west to Broadbench in Kimmeridge Bay , another world-renowned surf destination.

Of course, there are still many places to discover. Scotland and the Yorkshire area also offer beaches with gigantic waves.