Tips for moisturizing dry skin

moisturize dry skin

Discover our tips and advice to properly hydrate dry skin. Do you have skin that makes you feel bad? Who burns you? As soon as you pass a towel pieces of dead skin fall, you have extremely dry skin and that means that it lacks sebum to be hydrated.

Your skin is not protected enough against external aggression and it is imperative to take care of it and rehydrate it to the maximum to feel better in your body but also in your head.

And it goes through different steps that we explain in this article.

Here are our tips for moisturizing dry skin

Moisturize the dry skin of your face

Fragile, often subject to bad weather, the skin of the face can easily dry up. For this, you must take the time to properly hydrate with the necessary and adapted products.

For this, it is better to opt for very fluid and very nourishing textures that you will find in some make-up milks but also in some oils such as coconut oil. Coconut oil is best moisturizer for dry skin.

You will also need to clean your skin by preferably using a fogger instead of tap water that will dry up your skin even more. Once your skin is well cleaned, apply a good moisturizer to protect it from all external aggressions such as wind or pollution.

You can also do once a week two masks to give it all the hydration it needs such as those with shea butter that are very nourishing or those based on argan oil or wheat oil.

Well moisturize the dry skin of your body

The skin of your body needs as much attention as that of your face. If it is very dry, you should also take the time to properly hydrate.

Regularly make gentle scrubs to rid it of all impurities but also your itching or dead skin that can dry even more.

Regularly pass a cream soothing and rich by massaging it to penetrate deeply. Avoid all aggressive or overly acidic products like some shower gels.

Avoid overly heated rooms in the winter

Also think that a room that is too heated in the winter can have a bad effect on your skin and make it even more dry.

Do not wait until your skin is too dry to think of hydrating it. It is a gesture that you must adopt daily so that it is always beautiful, flexible and healthy.