Make a Back Massage

The back is one of the areas of the body most prone to tension. Indeed, many and powerful muscles are solicited in this region and it is possible to relieve them by massaging them. London mobile massage service provides his massage services at your home on cheap rates.

Perform back massage preparation

  • Before starting the massage properly, make sure that the room you are in is heated sufficiently so that the person is not cold.
  • Be sure to cover with a warm towel the person you are going to massage (the recipient).
  • Prepare the massage oil you will use for the overall massage of the back: mix in a small container a little neutral massage oil and one or two drops of fine Lavender essential oil.
  • Sit kneeling next to the person on your stomach (you can also stand if you have a massage table).
  • Make sure you focus on the massage you are going to give.

Establish contact

It is essential to establish a first secure contact with the recipient. Make sure to have your hands warm enough not to stress the person’s body that you are going to massage, then come in contact with the skin:

  • Place a hand under the neck (at the joint between the 7th cervical vertebra and the 1st dorsal).
  • Place the other over the buttocks at the base of the spine (joint between the 5th lumbar vertebra and the sacrum).
  • Leave your hands in place for a few seconds to relax and let the receiver get used to the touch.

Massage the neck

The recipient can either keep the head upright on the forehead or chin, or turn it on one side or the other. The arms can be either along the body very slightly apart from it, or crossed under the head (or while outside the massage table).

  • Place your hands on either side of the neck, thumbs on the trapezius and other fingers wrapped around the shoulders (the fingertips are located above the clavicles).
  • Massage with the thumbs from the base of the neck to the base of the skull (slightly above a horizontal line passing through the lobe of the ears).
  • Repeat this movement several times until the muscles begin to relax.


Stretch the back to relax the muscles.

  • Place to the left of the receiver, cross the arms and place one hand on the top of the back, the other at the bottom. You can also place your right hand on the left shoulder and the left hand on the lower right back (iliac crest).
  • Push in opposite directions to achieve a back stretch.
  • Repeat the same operation by placing yourself to the right of the catheter and reversing the supports (left hand on the right shoulder and right hand on the left iliac crest).