Lose weight fast with sports: our zero Frustration Tips


As we all know, drastic diets cause rapid weight loss. But the hunger and lack of certain food quickly regain the upper hand, and it is the weight gain assured. What is the point of suffering and maltreating our bodies if it is to make a nice return to square one two months later? No, depriving oneself is definitely not the right solution. To slim down in the long term, one must above all practice regular sports activity, and, obviously, pay attention to one’s diet. We eat everything, but at the right quantity. Some basic rules:

Fats are  retained. Contrary to what one may think, one must not eradicate fat. The omegas 3 that they provide are essential to the functioning of our body. To season our salads, you can use rapeseed oil or walnut oil. To cook our dishes, we opt instead for olive oil. We can use keto diet for weight loss and you can read more about keto here.

Consuming protein
Protein consumption is essential when you want to lose weight through sport. It is known, without them, that the muscle does not form. Instead, we choose lean pieces such as fish or white meat.

Priority to low
glycemic starchy foods The consumption of low glycemic starches limits the feeling of hunger. This reduces the risk of nibbling . Specifically, they are:
-from whole cereals -from
dried vegetables  -from
sweet potatoes-
from sourdough or cereal bread

Bye-bye sugar
Just like alcohol and excess salt, sugar is to be avoided. Indeed, it is not necessary to our body and can be easily replaced by muscovado or agave syrup for example.

We eat homemade
If we have time, we cook. It avoids as much as possible to consume products coming from the agri-food industry whose composition is unknown and which make us gain weight without even knowing why.

vegetables and water at will Three elements that should not be curbed! Cooked with little fat, vegetables can be eaten in large quantities. In case of small hunger, one cracks for a fruit. Finally, we drink a lot of water, between 1.5L and 2L per day at least.


Once our diet is at the top, we can calmly begin to move. For Marine, food accounts for 70% of work as part of weight loss through sport. We must therefore not neglect the previous advice.

The little things that do
everything This may sound silly, but if you take the stairs instead of the Escalator every time you are faced with this dilemma in the subway, you will start to have thigh pain. If you take the stairs instead of the elevator every time you go down for coffee, you will start to firm up. So we change our habits, and nothing will have a significant impact on our physical fitness.

We alternate cardio and bodybuilding
And no, to slim down it is not enough to go running around the house twice a week (oh rage, oh despair). Indeed, it is necessary to alternate exercises of musculation and work cardio. If one is very motivated, one can even combine the two during the same session.

We motivate ourselves as often as possible
If we are in a hurry, the ideal is to do sport as often as possible. Every day, at best, and every other day if you can not. The muscle being heavier than the fat, one does not panic if the results on the balance are not dazzling from the beginning. It is not a diet, it is a new lifestyle: the guarantee of good health and a beautiful silhouette for a long time. It’s up to us to play!