How To Reconnect With Your Family During the Holidays?


People often feel alienated and dis-affectionate with their own family members when they live apart for a long time. And during the holidays when everybody comes together, awkward moments get created. This happens with almost everybody, and there is no shame in acknowledging it. If we don’t even recognize the problem, how are we going to solve it?


There is just too much history between the family members that get in the way of a reconnection. We don’t talk about the issues, but somewhere down in our hearts, we keep them stored and kicking. This is the reason why some people feel awkward when they meet their own family during the holidays. They forget that the holidays are meant to enjoy the particular time together. They are supposed to be joyous and not weakening the family relations.


If there is any estrangement if you and your family are supposed to meet this year in the holidays, make sure that this animosity doesn’t reflect on your face or through your behaviour. Your parents and other family members deserve love and affection from you. Heck, you deserve love and affection from your family, especially during the holiday season. In this post, we’ll tell you several ways by which you can destroy that mental wall and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.


1. Practice meditation

Meditation has shown tremendous success when it comes to building mental strength. According to adhd psychiatry in numerous medical journals, if a person is showing unhappy and depressed behaviour for an elongated period of time, then practicing meditation can go a long way. Meditation not only helps in building your overall mental strength, but it also helps in overcoming your issues with your loved ones. By throwing away all the negative vibes, all you will get are positive and healthy vibes.


2. Deep breathing can take away your frustration

Frustration is one of the many symptoms found in adults when they have ADHD. Online ADHD journals will tell you how vital breathing exercises are. If you are feeling angry or frustrated by a family member, try inhaling deep breaths. This exercise will take away your anger and frustration, and you will be able to communicate without sounding loud.


3. Bring a company

Bring a friend or the one you love in your family holidays can help you big time. They will be there for your moral support whenever you need it. They will also stop you from doing or speaking anything which can make the matter even worse. Even your family will love to have a friend of yours and will host them with love and affection.


4. Do fun activities with your family

Humour takes away the tension. If you indulge yourself in fun activities with your family, you’ll be giving them a chance to reconnect with you in more than one way. You will share laughs, and this can even strengthen your family ties. Share some funny stories over the drinks and make them see the humorous side of yours.


We hope these tips bring strength in your family ties and make your holidays memorable. Stay connected with us for similar tips.



Is It Too Late To Start Over in Life?

According to a research, every 1 out of 3 Americans is unhappy with what they have achieved in their life. Most of the times, it is the job, or the relationship status, or the financial stability, that make us unhappy in life. Add the worst part is, we acknowledge it by not doing anything about it. We train our minds and bodies to be dissatisfied with what we have and do nothing about it. Blaming others for your failures is the easiest way out.


We ask ourselves this question quite often: Is it too late to start over in life? This article is all about this question and the answer we all need to understand. Making a positive shift from the happenings in your life is actually possible. I agree that it is not an easy task to do. Going out of your comfort zone is quite challenging, and most of us are afraid of it. We don’t say it, but deep inside we know how vulnerable we feel out of the box we created for ourselves.


ADHD is one of those disorders which affect your career, relationships, and almost anything which you hold dear. In adhd psychiatry, it is said that if an adult is suffering from this disorder, then the symptoms are distress, depression and give up attitude towards work and life. This is precisely what happens when people are unhappy about everything and anything. You will find a lot of online adhd related videos and articles that can help you in overcoming this disorder.


Just remember that life is all about change and change is the only thing that can keep you moving in the tough times. If you are in depression, then what you need is support from within. Make your mind and soul stronger by doing mental exercises. Yoga and meditation can help too. You are not late in thinking to make a change – be it in your career, relationships, or life in general. If you make your mind active enough and start committing to your goals and objectives, you will find a sense of completion and boosted self-esteem.


Lower self-esteem is another symptom of ADHD that you’ll have to come through. You can give your self-esteem a boost by doing what you want in a productive manner. The problem arises when people don’t know what is needed to change. This is the case with the majority of unhappy people. There is no one else to tell you what you need to change in your life other than you. You can start by identifying the primary source of your unhappiness. Is it your work? Is it the money? Is it how you are treated by the one you love? There can be a countless number of reasons.


Once you have identified the problem(s), start making strategies to overcome them. Make notes of your weaknesses and strengths. Give yourself a pat on the back for whatever you have achieved till now but don’t just stop there. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll make improvements every day. If it’s the skill-building that you want to do, take up a course and be honest with it. Create a plan of action for your career and stick with it no matter what! It is never too late for a change.

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