How to do Body Massage at Home- Best Tips


There is no better way to please someone than to offer a good body massage. How can one turn away from the feeling of well-being provided by a sensual back massage, relieving all the tensions accumulated during life.  Here we will describe “How to do Body Massage at Home”

Unfortunately, giving a professional massage of good therapeutic level is something that requires training and years of practice. You probably do not want to go through that. But you can get proper training from Fremont College.  However, we can present here a few simple techniques that will help you to give a pleasant and safe massage.

These techniques of massage are of limited therapeutic value but they will certainly provide a pleasant sensation to the recipient and allow his muscles to relax, release endorphin, and improve circulation.

Best Tips for “How to do Body Massage at Home”


First create a massage-friendly atmosphere . The main techniques of massage are effleurage, kneading, friction, patting, and vibration but you do not necessarily need to know these techniques to practice a “massage” not professional.

Start the massage with a small amount of aromatherapy oil of your choice, just about a teaspoon. Rub the oil into the palms of your hands to warm it before it touches your partner’s skin. Cold oil on the back of your partner would give him twice as much tension as he had before starting!

There are some basic massage techniques to ease tensions, which are very effective. Tension tends to accumulate in the neck, shoulders and upper back in women, and in the lower back and buttocks in men. The important thing is really not how to do massage, the idea is not to become an expert masseuse or masseur. This is a seductive ritual! Be creative and playful.


Welcome Touch: With your partner lying on your stomach, sit on massage chair or kneel beside him. Gently press your partner’s shoulders on either side of the spine. Never press the column directly during the massage. This movement allows your partner to get used to the feel of your hands on his skin

Worm your back: Now begin to warm your partner’s back. With the flat of the hand, the fingers together and the palm in contact with the skin, move your hands along parallel lines on each side of the spine, then on the shoulders and then down along the hips.

Kneading: Working as deep as the comfort of your partner allows, use your fingers to knead the back muscles, starting with the neck and shoulders and making your movements down. Go slowly and use extra oil if necessary.


The sweep: Spread your fingers, keeping them a little stiff, and make a rake movement from the shoulders to the buttocks. This frees the tissues underlying the tension deeply.

Lower back: Lower back and sacrum (the last triangular bone at the bottom of the spine) may be congested and tense. Massage this area with small circular movements on the buttocks, hips and upper thighs. On a man, proceed by spirals on the lower back. From the upper part of the buttock commissure, use your thumbs to make small spirals upwards on either side of the tailbone up to the top of the sacrum, then press your thumbs on the top of the hips and move The downwards and crosswise on the side of the body an up to the massage support. Repeat these movements several times.

Buttocks: Starting from the bottom, press the thumbs firmly into the flesh of the buttocks and follow a curve upwards to descend down the hips. It is a sensitive and tender area so, for its comfort, use only appropriate pressure to your partner. Return to the first position and move your thumb slowly outward to describe a second curve parallel to the first but next, continuing until you have covered the entire area. Repeat several times.

Shoulders and chest: At your knees behind your partner, who is now lying on your back, press the shoulders and hold. Ask your partner to take a deep breath and let the magic of the essential oils work as you slightly increase the pressure of your hands. At the end of the expiration, release. Slip your hands over your partner’s collarbones and press very gently. Ask him to take a deep breath as you hold, then release. Now move your hands towards the center of the chest and placing one hand on the other, press very gently. Ask your partner to take a deep breath and release.

The neck and ears:

Encourage your partner to breathe deeply and relaxing as you gently massage his neck, describing small circles on areas of relief from the upper neck and about half of the ear. If the massage is a prelude to love, it is a very good time to let go a few kisses.

These are useful information for ” How to do Body Massage at Home “. You can use them to please your life partner.