5 Precautions for healthy skin


Your skin plays an important role in protecting the rest of your body, so keep it protected, healthy and clean, with these five easy steps. We will guide you to the top secrets to look younger.

  1. Limit your exposure to the sun

The sun is dangerous, we all know it. Exposure to the sun results in different types of damage to the skin.

  • Repeated exposure greatly increases the risk of skin cancer.
  • Other consequences may include premature wrinkles, moles, age spots and freckles.
  1. Have good hygiene

The presence of microbes and bacteria plays a role in many skin problems, ranging from cold sores to acne.

  • These bacteria are almost always the result of a lack of hygiene. So, if you think your hands may be dirty, do not touch your face.
  1. be gentle

Washing your face is essential for keeping your skin healthy, but if you do it too vigorously or if you rub your face with a rough sponge, other skin problems could result in redness and irritation.

  • Use a soft washcloth.
  • Massage your face gently and in a circular motion.
  • Use soap, but rinse well with warm water to avoid possible irritation.
  • Opt to dry your face by gently dabbing instead of wiping it.
  • Repeat this routine in the morning and evening.
  1. Stay hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated is the rule of any skin care manual. Hydrated skin protects against the formation of dead skin cells, chapped skin and itching. Different ways exist to keep skin hydrated.

  • Use an effective moisturizer with active ingredients.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Take lukewarm (not hot) showers and limit them to less than five minutes.
  1. Get to know your skin

Do a self-assessment at least once a week. Pay attention to new developments like moles, spots, wrinkles, inflammations, acne, etc.

  • If you identify questionable moles, make an appointment with your doctor.
  • If you notice a cut or infection, act accordingly.

It is important that you know your body so that you know when to seek help. Do not be reluctant to go see a professional.

In short, taking the appropriate steps can help prevent many skin problems. You can get more information about the fitness and beauty on Mirch Masala Tv.