Up Your Yoga Routine With These Amazing Products



If you have not practiced physical activity for some time or have never done so, adopting a new lifestyle and sticking to it may seem like a challenge. Not everybody can handle running a few miles everyday or hitting the gym consistently, which is why we, on our quest for better health, sometimes wonder… Why not start with yoga?

In addition to improving your balance, strength and flexibility, yoga also brings you a moment of well-being: an instant to you, where you can combine exercise, relaxation and pleasure. Focusing on the posture of your body and your muscles will also help you to become aware of your strength, pushing you to test your body and perform more intense exercises.

Although there are some complex and difficult postures, yoga for beginners remains very accessible. Simple exercises can help you have a healthier lifestyle. There are books, classes, and trainers willing to share their knowledge; and with after getting your feet wet in the wonderful exercise of yoga, the only thing that could improve how you feel is doing more yoga with products that’ll make you even more zen with yourself. So here are a few essentials to make your experience even better.

1 Manduka PRO® Yoga Mat


The limited edition PRO® in Forever is uniquely crafted to give an opalescent shine. Ultra-dense and spacious, this performance yoga mat brings unmatched comfort and cushioning to your practice and it will never wear out, guaranteed. Its color shines under light and gives a beautiful outlook. Its surface prevents sweat from seeping in to it. A Yoga mat really shows that you’re serious about Yoga, and is a necessity for most classes and doing Yoga outdoors. It provides a comfortable cushion for you to practice on, and it’ll definitely be easier to get your Yoga on when you’re equipped with the right gear. This mat is a thick luxury Yoga mat and is definitely here to suit your needs.

2: The Big Boy Bluetooth Bass Speaker


With each passing year, the portable Bluetooth speaker category gets better options at even lower prices. With advances in software to pair speakers and sync them together, it’s never been easier to take a full-blown sound system with you on the go. These days, there’s no excuse not to have a good portable speaker on hand for outdoor activities and filling every room of your home with music. The hard question is: which one, and for how much?

The Big Boy Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best products for yoga exercise as it fulfills the criteria of budget and quality. Big Boy Speaker is extremely powerful and portable, while at the same time capable of being loud and versatile. It’s great for relaxing and practicing Yoga, but at the same time also great for when you need to up the tempo and get your groove on! The beautiful lightshows presents a nice outlook, helping you transform your yoga experience. From our experience we’ve always found that having some nice relaxing music made practicing Yoga much more pleasant, and the Big Boy portable bass bluetooth speaker is one of our favorites.

3 Yogree Yoga Blocks


The Yogree brand yoga block is a Yoga accessory that’s sure to improve how your training, offering you the ability to make difficult Yoga poses accessible, especially if you’re a beginner. It is also great if you have some injuries or physical limitations that make it harder for you to do what your Yoga instructor is telling you to do. By having a EVA foam Yoga block, your arsenal of techniques will vastly increase. It can be used to provide stability, balance, support, as well as improve the strength and depth of your poses. This block is special because it’s moisture proof and is extremely lightweight and easy to clean. It is great for Yoga, Pilates, Workout, and Fitness & Gym. Take it with you anywhere you go, and embrace the power of science as something as simple as this block can help you in way more ways than you know. No matter how flexible you are, this product is perfect for you whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

4 Yoga Mat Bag by Yogiii


How can one be serious about Yoga but not have a Yoga Mat Bag? This mat bag is simple, beautifully crafted, multipurpose, but most importantly… more useful than you can imagine! It was made to simplify your Yoga session – no more hassle packing and carrying your Yoga gear to and from the studio… you’ll literally just slide in your gear and GO! It’s crafted specifically to carry yoga mats in an easy, gender neutral way, and with it’s lack of buckles and fasteners, it’ll be extremely easy to use!

There are two pockets – one for your water bottles and towels and a smaller pcoket for keys, wallets, and other valuables. Simple, intuitive, and impeccably designed, The YogiiiTote is a high-performing, lightweight style mat carrier with a spacious compartment that fits all size yoga mats. With one piece of fabric, no fasteners, no buckles and a comfortable shoulder strap, The YogiiiTote is an essential carrier for your everyday practice.

5 Boom Barrel Bluetooth Speaker


In case you aren’t interested by the first speaker we talked about earlier, here is another one of our famous and high quality speaker for yoga – the Boom Barrel Bluetooth Speaker. It is also a Bluetooth speaker with nice sound quality and beautiful outlook. It has four styles to choose. Its power is very high and size is entire foot long. It is built by powerful subwoofers. It uses the latest Bluetooth technology. Its smart Bass controls give you HD audio. Its professional tuning is at 192 KHz at 24bit. There are 3 speakers built-in to this monster, 2 of them are frequency speakers and others are woofer. You can hear sounds from 600 feet away. It doesn’t get any better than that, because this beast is just as portable as it is powerful, making this ideal for yoga. You need tunes to vibe out to as you work on your Yoga technique, and the Boom Barrel is one of our favorites out of the countless amounts of speakers we see.

6 Yoga Strap


It is best for Stretching having 6 Colors with Durable Cotton with Metal D-Ring. This one from Reehut is going to do the job just perfectly fine! It increases your flexibility by stretching your arms. Whether you are beginner or expert, it will help you in sustaining poses. Soft and sturdy cotton material, not rub harshly, protect hands from injuring, extremely durable and will not break or lose its shape. Metal D-ring buckles can be adjusted and snugly secured for various poses and alignments. Fold the loose end back on itself, tighten to your desired loop size. Perfect for yoga, Pilates, daily exercise, or physical therapy – deepen stretches, assist with hard-to-reach poses, enhance warm ups, improve flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, and add challenge to workouts.

7 ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil and Diffuser Set


Essential oil, Yoga… essential oil, more Yoga! If you’ve never tried this combination, we will tell you that you are ABSOLUTELY missing out. Essential oils bring clarity, tranquility, and stress relief to you, and when you combine that with Yoga, it’s just a relaxation cocktail! Aromatherapy diffusers like this one from ArtNaturals do a great job of letting you soak in the essential oils! It even uses bluetooth to play music, and has LED lights to work as a nightlight! It’s perfect for sleeping time, and even better for daily use! It is best oil for yoga with 150ml. Top 8 oils are Peppermint, Tee Tree, Rosemary, Orange, Lemongrass, Lavender, Eucalyptus, & Frankincense It is Auto Shut-off and has 7 Color LED Light. It is upgraded with a sleek new design. Newly designed diffusers have seven soft LED light covers.

8 Swig Savvy Bottles


Swig Savvy Bottles 18 oz are Triton Water Bottle which is Eco Friendly & BPA-Free. These are Leakage Free. These are ideal For Sports, Yoga, and Camping Biking & Jogging. These bottles give the taste like glass and you can lock it after drinking water. It is chemical free plastic bottle. You can attach them to back bag or on the bicycles.

9 Sivan Health and Fitness Comfort Foam


One of the yoga essentials is the Sivan Health and Fitness Comfort foam, a cheaper alternative to luxury mats like the one we’ve talked about above. Although it’s not the same, it’s just as useful and almost as good, and you really should shoot for this one if not a more premium Yoga mat. A mat is something you’ll be using for a long time throughout your Yoga adventures, and we really have to say that you’ll be missing out if you’re not on this! It is ½ inch thick and 71 inch long. So it is perfect for the exercise, yoga and pilates. These foams are ideal for yoga and their thickness protects your knees. Long lasting material is used to manufacture them.