Yellow teeth: how to find a nice smile?

yellow tooth

Yellow teeth are the sworn enemies of a pretty smile. Here are some tips to make you smile brightly and keep it! This article aims to make the popularization, to give simple and accessible advice for those who do not know the subject thoroughly.

Yellow teeth, where does it come from?

If we generally speak of “yellow teeth”, know that there are actually two types of coloring and that they are not treated in the same way at all.

  • Theintrinsic colorations, located inside the tooth, are often of pathological or medicinal origin. Your mother when she was pregnant, or you when you were little, may have taken a treatment that colored your teeth in the mass while they were in training. Unfortunately, since the quenottes are tinted from the inside, it is very difficult to give them a whiter appearance. I reassure you right away: this case is rather rare and the yellow of your teeth is probably due to a surface coloration, also called “extrinsic coloration”.
  • Theextrinsic stains are mostly due to dyes located on the enamel surface. Regular contact with certain chemicals (nicotine, tar) or food (coffee, soda), the surface of the teeth is stained by a deposit that will eventually penetrate the enamel and give it the famous yellowish tint unattractive. Good news if you are a fan of coffee-cigarette: this type of superficial coloring is treats rather easily, whether you prefer to do your own thing or slop you on the dentist’s chair! One best solution to treat extrinsic stains is EZGO white smile, one best teeth whitening kit. You can buy it easily on


The gene (genes determine the initial color of the teeth and its evolution over the years), the daughter of the stream, and the age (teeth naturally tend to yellow over time, as and when the enamel is refined and the dentine, the lower layer of the tooth, under the enamel and yellow, is more visible) also take into account in the color of the teeth. Some people will naturally have whiter canines than others, and for longer.

It’s like that, deal with it .

What to do against yellow teeth?

In addition to brushing your teeth twice daily for three minutes (one and a half minutes up and rebelote down), you can try to find a whiter smile in several ways more or less complicated and expensive.

  • Baking soda

The simplest is to use baking soda, which is a natural descaler, instead of your usual toothpaste. You can also create your own toothpaste whiteness and brightness by mixing baking soda with juice of half a lemon.

Be careful though: the baking soda can be a bit too stripper for the enamel. I advise you to book your little homemade trough for weekly use.

  • Whiteness toothpaste

Like a mirror, enamel reflects light. Over time and spots, his thinking power diminishes. The Whiteness Toothpaste will polish the surface of the tooth to make it smoother and therefore brighter. He does not change the color of the teeth, he just exfoliates them.

Be careful though: like baking soda, whitening toothpastes can be aggressive for enamel. It is therefore better to alternate with a classic toothpaste.

  • Home Whitening Kits

Whether in the form of sticks, strips or gel, home bleaching kits are often formulated from hydrogen peroxide (also known as hydrogen peroxide). Although their concentration is lower than the products used in dental practices, these kits should not be used lightly because they can cause irritation of the gums, hypersensitivity of teeth and even enamel damage. I strongly advise you to talk to your dentist before you start.

Aware of the damage done by hydrogen peroxide, some brands of oral care have specialized in the formulation of non-aggressive whitening care based on softer ingredients for the mouth.