Tips to reduce your medication costs

Privilege the network of mutual health professionals

Thanks to agreements made between mutual and certain health professionals, you can benefit from care at a lower cost.
How it works? 
Following a call for tenders, mutual set up a network of partners (dentists, opticians, etc.) committed to respecting a quality charter as well as negotiated rates.
You can benefit from competitive prices and third-party payment (according to the guarantees).
This information is generally available on the websites, allowing you to identify the professional closest to you. You can get help from Prescription Hope to buy medications cheaply.

Reduce your spending on drugs

  1. Compare the prices of drugs between them and from one pharmacy to another

At a time when drugs deemed ineffective by the High Authority for Health (HAS), are increasingly derogated by the Social Security, the consumer must become a real player in the choice of health benefits and especially in the purchase of his medication.

  • As part of a prescription: If your doctor prescribes medication, do not hesitate to ask if they are supported by the Social Security in which case ask for its generic if there is one.
  • In case you want to buy your own medicine to treat mild symptoms (self-medication), know that two types of self-service drugs are marketed at different prices: The first concerns drugs whose prices are not regulated. You can find differences in rates ranging from simple to triple according to pharmacies and regions.

Pharmacies are required to clearly display the price of drugs on labels. In this case, do not hesitate to compare prices from one pharmacy to another.

  • The second concerns drugs with an equivalent reimbursed by Social Security, these are generic drugs. Their prices are fixed by the public authorities and are often cheaper than their self-service equivalents. Their VAT is also more advantageous (2.1% for drugs reimbursed against 5.5% for non-refundable drugs).

If you buy a drug without a prescription, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for a refundable medicine with the same molecule.

  1. Reduce your franchisefees

A deductible of 0.50 € is deducted on each prescription medicine box (up to a limit of 50 € per year). To reduce these franchise costs, it is possible for certain diseases to ask for “large pack” medication boxes for several months of treatment. As part of a long-term treatment, it is for example possible to ask for boxes covering a three-month treatment to avoid paying 50 cents for each box of medication.
Another advantage, the price decreases according to the quantity of drugs.

  1. Think of other health services
  • Faculty service

Students in the 4th or 5th year of dental or optical specialties practice on real patients. This allows you to receive 40% to 50% discount on your care. Only downside, it is necessary to make an appointment, during the hours of course and the wait is often long.

  • Mutual health centers

These centers accommodate all insured persons with or without a mutual benefit. Rates are lower than those of the market and the services offered are varied:

  • Home of the disabled
  • Reception of the elderly
  • Early childhood home
  • Mutual Dental Center
  • City Medicine / Nursing
  • Optical
  • Pharmacy