The essential oils with more benefits for your health

essentail oils benefits

Still do not know all the properties of essential oils? There are many benefits that these natural essences bring to your health, know the benefits of the best known, maybe the product you need and you have not yet discovered.

The essential oils provide numerous health benefits: reduce stress, anxiety, cool your house, purify the air, kill bacteria environment and this is just a sample of all virtues. In this article, we have selected the essential oils that have the most benefits for health; we tell you all their properties. You can read the edens garden comparison chart for better understanding of all the properties of these oils.


If you work from home or have already installed an essential oil diffuser in your office, eucalyptus is ideal for you. This essential oil is ideal to combat stress and tension. The eucalyptus helps maintain concentration, which will help you be more productive at work. In addition, its refreshing smell is very pleasant and fights bacteria naturally, without the need to use chemicals. Test its effectiveness.


The essential oil of rosewood is the ideal essence to tone, stimulate and help you to be in shape. It will also help if you have trouble falling asleep. Its smell will help you relax and avoid nightmares during the night, as it creates a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Use it with your diffuser, this will leave your skin hydrated and perfumed.

Tea tree

It is difficult to understand how a single oil can have so many health benefits. The tea tree helps fight stress, reduce fatigue and gives you a sense of inner peace. The tea tree is without a doubt the perfect product to help you fight anxiety problems and, in addition, it is 100% natural. Put a few drops of tea tree in your diffuser and humidify your home with this essence, it will help you create a comfortable environment and avoid colds and respiratory problems.


If you have pets and the hair they leave at home is causing you and the little ones of the house allergies, you should taste the essence of peppermint. Spread this essential oil at home, it will help to calm the itching, while leaving a fresh environment.
Peppermint will also be your best ally to help you concentrate, use it in your office with this diffuser of essential oils especially silent, ideal for work environments.


We all know lavender for its unmistakable smell, but you may not know the benefits it can bring to your health. Lavender helps improve health when you have breathing problems, such as asthma, it also has numerous benefits to combat problems such as hypertension or anxiety. The fragrance of lavender is very powerful; you will only need a few drops to spread its fragrance.