The Best Exercises for the Mind and Body


There’s something to be said about the right exercise. It doesn’t always have to be the most tiring ones that, when you finish, you’ll sweat profusely. At the same time, it also doesn’t have to be the too relaxing ones that you might just end up sleeping. Exercises can be done in various ways as it benefits a lot in your overall well-being. You do them because you want to be or remain healthy, achieve a goal weight, or acquire your desired body type. These are the most common reasons for doing such strenuous activities. But did you know that some exercises can procure a different result?

Apart from getting fitter, more active, and maybe even a little bit sexier, some exercises can also keep you calm, cool, and collected. They help in stabilizing your mental health and have you feeling happy and warm. These are the ones that are relatively relaxing but are also active enough that your body remains stimulated the entire time. If you want your fitness regime to benefit your mind as well as your body, include these exercises into it.



Perhaps one of the most well-known exercises in this list is playing basketball. The sport strengthens your coordination, keeps you active by running from basket to basket, and promotes a sense of teamwork. Ever wonder how basketball players achieve such strong and defined bodies? The sport has their bodies well-stimulated for a good amount of time. It also entails good strategies, wherein your mind comes into play. The sport benefits your mental health as it makes it useful in thinking up various plays and techniques to win the game. Just don’t allow your ego to enter into the mix, else this can also harm your psyche.


Stand-Up Paddling

This sport will not only strengthen your mind and body, but it’s a good trick to know when you’re stranded on a desert island. Stand-Up Paddling requires you to paddle yourself to various parts of the sea. Some use it for leisure, as it’s a relaxing activity to do on a bright sunny summer day. This is where it benefits your mental health. Peaceful paddling onto a quiet day of sea and sunshine helps in forgetting all your troubles. On the other hand, those who do it for sport are able to achieve upper body strength and a stronger core foundation. It’s become a competitive racing sport in which people train long and hard for.



Swimming is such an enjoyable activity that people sometimes forget that it’s an actual competitive sport. When it comes to leisurely activities, swimming is right up there on anyone’s priority list. For a lot of people, just being in water evokes a sense of refreshment and ease, as if you’re floating away from all your trials and tribulations. The sport also entails a rhythmic movement that helps you focus on the activity and gives you an easier time to forget other troubles. Body-wise, you benefit from this sport as it promotes cardiovascular fitness and it helps ton your muscles and strengthens your joints.



If you want to do an exercise that will specifically improve your lower body, then cycling is the sport for you. The rhythmic sport helps define your thighs, calves, and buttocks, better than any other sport. Even a ride around the park will already lead to some desired results. Even better is that the sport also helps burn fat and aids in substantial weight loss. You’ll never be at risk of obesity if you do this activity regularly. Furthermore, cross-country cycling is a peaceful recreational exercise that helps you let go of your problems. Go to the countryside instead of the city the next time you ride your bike. You’ll find that you’ll end up happier and more peaceful after the ride.



Tennis is arguably one of the more strenuous activities on this list. But strenuous doesn’t necessarily mean stressful. On the contrary, part of what makes tennis a beneficial exercise for the mind is its aggressiveness. Ever watched a tennis match and the players are all heaving, sighing, and making sounds as they hit the ball? For them, it’s a cathartic way into letting out their frustrations without harming themselves and anybody else. The harder you hit the ball, the more you can let go off all those things that have been bothering you. Physical-wise, you’re able to get a full-body workout in which you’ll be looking trimmer and shapelier after every match.



Yoga is a famously relaxing exercise that helps keep the mind at ease and the body slender and fit. You do various poses and breathing rhythms as you clear your mind off of bad thoughts. You stretch your body in various ways to boost its flexibility. And the more flexible your body is, the more comfortable you are in doing various activities and the more peaceful it is. At the end of every session. you’ll be feeling more alive, calmer, and your body will be slender and longer than ever before. In fact, the exercise is so relaxing that even expecting mothers and injured individuals are recommended to do it to keep fit.


Tai Chi

Martial Arts is known to be a strenuous activity that’s a form of self-defence. But there is one type of it that’s actually relaxing, less violent, and is as serene as a trickling stream. This is Tai Chi, a Chinese form of Martial Arts that’s all about smooth movements and peaceful transitions. You do this on your own where you want, be it in your bedroom, at the park, or in the corner in the office during break time. The exercise promotes a sense of grace that can improve your sense of coordination. While the peaceful transitions, similarly to yoga, promotes flexibility in various parts of your body.


Whole-Body Vibration Training

Arguably the most relaxing exercise in this list is whole-body vibration training. You literally only need a vibrating machine and a great place to do it. Step onto the machine, turn it on, and let it do its magic on you. You can even pair it with some other easy exercises to further promote your physical fitness. How it benefits your body is that the vibrations actually strengthen your muscles and give you a better core foundation. The vibrations also improve your body’s flexibility, making you more able to to do all sorts of activities no matter how strenuous. The relaxing part, on the other hand, keeps your mind at ease all throughout the session.



How can something as natural as dancing keep your body fit and mind at ease? Firstly, dancing keeps your body physically-stimulated. In fact, any form of physical activity is a form of exercise, but the difference with dancing is it helps you keep a certain rhythm that will procure more effective results. Even the simplest of dance moves are able to promote physical fitness. And the more complicated the steps, the more you’ll be having a trimmer figure at the end of your performance. Dancing also helps you be more focused on the steps, especially the professional dancing of any genre. The more focused you are on the routine, the easier it is to forget all your past troubles.



Jogging is a common and easy exercise that almost anyone can do. A lot do it in various parts of the day, be it morning, the afternoon, or at nighttime. Others do it in the gym while they’re on the treadmill. There’s a reason why this simple yet effective activity is a favourite among fitness junkies and probably anyone who’s looking to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Jogging improves the endurance of your cardiovascular system, making it easier for you to breathe even during other more strenuous activities. It also helps tone your lower body parts, particularly your legs, and burns fat with every mile run. Additionally, running is a well-known stress reliever that helps anyone forget the various issues plaguing their lives.



Walking is the calmer and easier version of jogging. This exercise is effective for those who find it difficult to move about freely, particularly the elderly, the injured, and those with physical disabilities. for them walking procured the same mind and body benefits that running has. For the elderly, they’ll be more able to stand up and move without getting easily exhausted and running out of breath. For the injured, their road to recovery is made much quicker with the calm promotion of physical fitness. While for the physically disabled, walking helps them believe that their own conditions are not hindrances to living normal lives. Apart from all these, walking is also a nice recreational activity to clear your mind and find peace and serenity.

Don’t let the stresses of getting fitter put you down. There are still exercises to be done out there that can help keep your mind at ease while building up the strength in your body. In essence, it’s all about living in moderation and keeping up an active lifestyle.