The benefits of physiotherapy in the elderly

The physical activity in older is highly beneficial for their quality of life and for improvement and rehabilitation after many diseases and ailments. The role of physiotherapists in these therapeutic activities is fundamental to allow the patient to adapt to each of them according to their capacity and health.

The importance of physiotherapy in the third age

The physiotherapists who specialize in gerontology work in different ways and in different environments: in centers for the elderly in physical therapy centers (where patients come for medical reasons or looking for an alternative solution for their physical problems) or particular, going to the patient’s home.

The physiotherapy can be applied as part of a specific treatment for diseases during their course or as part of a rehabilitation, or simply to reinforce the physical condition of the elderly, improve their health to prevent diseases and strengthen their capacity for healing in many cases of diseases and age-related disorders.

Benefits of gerontological physiotherapy

The positive effects of physiotherapy in the elderly include both physical and psychic benefits. Many times seniors find in it a different activity, which helps them get out of their monotonous routine and interact socially outside their usual circle. This establishes an important motivation, which increases their self-esteem and gives them the vitality they often need.

Thanks to physiotherapists, it is observed how older adults fight immobility and lack of activity and strengthen their bones, muscles and each organic system, greatly improving their quality of life. When it comes to rehabilitation, physiotherapy can mean the definitive cure and the beginning of a new stage of health.

The advantages of physiotherapy in the elderly include both benefits for the physical state and for the mental state. Many people over 65, doing exercises with physiotherapists find a different way of relating to other people, outside of their normal environment. This supposes an increase in their self-esteem and gives them a new vitality that they sometimes need.