The benefits of acupuncture and recommendations for this therapy

The benefits of acupuncture and recommendations for this therapy

Within traditional Chinese medicine we find acupuncture which is a healing technique where very thin needles are used to stimulate specific points in the body. This is done to make a balance in these energy flows, which would keep the body healthy. mentions that the treatment of acupuncture, rather than destined to the healing of a specific symptom, focuses on the restoration of the corporal equilibrium.

This is achieved through the puncture of specific points located on different meridians that run throughout the body. These points stimulate, toning or sedating, depending on the corresponding syndrome. The puncture is done by means of very thin, sterile and disposable needles.

The benefits of acupuncture and recommendation

Acupuncture stimulates the body’s ability to resist diseases or some conditions by eliminating imbalances in these energy points. It also helps the body produce chemical elements that diminish or eliminate painful sensations.

The benefits of Acupuncture

The therapist mentions that among the benefits of acupuncture is that it generates an increase in oxygen in the blood, dilates blood vessels, provides energy to the body, stimulates and reactivates blood cell function, eliminates toxins from the body, balances tension and relaxation of the Nerves and finally and very important strengthens the immune system.

The benefits of acupuncture and recommendation

Acupuncture helps in various conditions among which may be mentioned muscle pain, sinusitis, headaches, bronchitis, asthma, circulation disorders, rheumatism, among others.

In addition, this Chinese technique can be used for other problems such as sexual impotence, complications of menstruation and insomnia. 

Acupuncture is very good at restoring the harmony of body and mind. The Chinese medicine therapist mentions that: “It has very good results in emotional disturbances, in stress pictures, for rehabilitation of the muscle-skeletal system, hypertension, insomnia, depression, heartburn, low back pain, high cholesterol, etc.”

It is important to clarify that acupuncture is NOT recommended in the following cases: patients with anticoagulant therapy, in certain stages of pregnancy, in altered states of consciousness acute, septic states, when there is more than 25% rupture of the rotator cuff, more of 25% inter-vertebral disc injury. In the case of calculations in the gallbladder surgery is recommended because it has a very high probability of producing cancer.

How acupuncture therapy is performed

To begin the patient is subjected to an evaluation that allows to identify the different symptoms that afflict it. Once the symptoms are identified and grouped, the syndrome is defined and with it the treatment to be carried out, choosing the points and meridians to be treated.

There is no reason to fear the pain of the treatment, most likely you feel more tingling where the needles are inserted, they are very thin and when performed by a specialist, there would be no major problems.

The needles remain in the body for 30 to 45 minutes. It depends on what acupuncture should do. During that time many people fall asleep.

Recommendations for patients who undergo acupuncture

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist recommends that in the first instance it is very important that the place where the treatment is carried out complies with the hygiene norms of any medical consultation.

In addition, the patient must authorize the treatment through informed consent.  It is also necessary to verify that the material to be used is correctly handled, the needles being compulsory, sterile and disposable (they are used only once).

The therapist must keep a file with the details of what is done in each session and that the place and whoever carries out the therapy generate confidence and security for the patient.

Finally, it is emphasized that it is very important for the patient to be regular and to attend all of their therapies in order to have optimal results.