Strength training for legs and thighs


Leg strength training can be done with Leg Exercises without Weights. The other exercises proposed combine the 3 regimes of muscular contraction (isometric, plyometric and concentric)

Strength training for legs and thighs

Squat with bar

The squat with bar requires flexibility in the leg joints, hips, pelvis, knees and the spine. The latter is inclined forwards, without bending in the upper regions.

This exercise can also be performed with dumbbells .

Front slot with bar

The front slit is a variant of the squat. It runs either with a bar resting on the back of the shoulders as on the animation on the right or with a dumbbell in each hand. It is a matter of bending the knee of the front leg so that the knee of the rear leg comes to touch the ground without banging it. During the descent, the bust should remain straight. When the back leg is fully folded the support is at the toes, on the tip of the foot.

Strength training for body weight for adductors

The back is plated to the ground, shoulders relaxed, hands palms directed towards the ground to ensure the lateral balance. The legs stretched are spread and then tightened. A slow and steady rhythm favors the general tone of the legs at the level of the adductors. By performing the exercise by forcing the extension and accelerating the return of legs one works in plyometry to develop the muscular explosiveness.

Many other weight training exercises for the legs are included in the free body weight programs.

Exercises with dumbbells

Exercises with elastic band of fitness

The 2 particularities of bodybuilding with elastic band in relation to weight training with weights or with guided load are a permanent tension and a resistance which increases with the stretch of the band. It is thus possible to maximize the force in terms of power and explosiveness.

Full slit and calf extension to body weight

This exercise, which combines a slit and a complete extension with final retention, requires the explosive force of the glutes, quadriceps and calves. It also requires the mobilization of the qualities of tonicity and balance of the deep muscles of the abdomen. Its English name is Curtsy Lunge to Calf Raise. It can be included in a fitness program to refine the legs as there is no volume gain, but also in a running plan of muscle building proprioception for mountain races.

Strength Training

This powerless weight training program for the legs combines the 3 regimes of muscular contraction (isometric, plyometric and concentric)

Bouncing Strides

The bounding strides are a plyometric exercise very experienced in running; it strongly stresses the muscular elasticity of the legs

Jumping rope

The skipping improves from the first sessions tone and endurance calves. The muscles of the calves can also be done without material.

Weight training

The exercises to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks are very varied and do not require much load to lift.