Top 10 Spirulina Weight Loss Benefits

Top Benefits and Uses of Spirulina

What is spirulina?

green microscopic alga in the form of a spiral that naturally “grows” in lakes and expanses of saline hot water in equatorial regions (Madagascar, Burkina Faso …). Its nourishing virtues have been known since the dawn of time. The Aztecs of Mexico consumed it before going to battle. And the Europeans discovered it in the 16th century, imported from the New World by the Spanish conquerors. The small seaweed grows at a high speed, faster than a terrestrial plant, and in developing countries its production is used to combat malnutrition . It is harvested in the form of a spirulina powder which the inhabitants turn into a spread or spread. And the kids glean small bits of spirulina in the ponds. Given the enthusiasm in recent years, it has been cultivated throughout the world, in aquaculture in covered ponds. In France, artisanal producers have opened spirulina farms. Spirulina is the food of the 21st century  and Spirulina Weight Loss Benefits are described below .

Spirulina Weight Loss Benefits

Top Spirulina Benefits and Uses: 

It has everything of an ideal food because it is full of nutrients . Made up of about 65% protein , it is very concentrated in minerals , contains 20 times more iron than spinach, and also magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and animated acids. It is rich in vitamins (vitamin A) and vitamins of group B. Nothing like a one month cure of spirulina to grow or repel hair. It also contains antioxidants such as chlorophyll (its green color) and beta carotene that fights free radicals responsible for aging.

This real energy bomb is suitable when you play sports. It improves endurance, helps support stress and develops muscle mass through its proteins. And if we are not a great sportsman, she gives a daily dose of vitality, especially during winter fatigue. Finally, spirulina is a good nutritional supplement.

How to eat with spirulina?  It is also found in form of spirulina tablets. You can taste pasta with spirulina or spinach-spirulina (Naturalia) but the simplest is to take it in capsules or tablets (in Arkocaps or organic spirulina in Fleurance Nature). 6 tablets per day bring 3g, the recommended dose. In the meantime, the Green Value Company, which in Brittany cultivates its spirulina under the brand name Substance, has elaborated with a chef specializing in seaweed cooking, Thierry Galais, appetizing recipes for spirulina – inspired snacks, Mini cakes, fruit pastes, chocolate bars that combine pleasure and health .