Red Tea and Weight Loss

Among the many virtues that red tea has, the one that stands out is its effectiveness to lose weight. Losing weight through red tea is a very simple, healthy and ancestral formula.

Red tea Detox has the ability to eliminate fats, and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Many studies have been conducted to try to elucidate the benefits that this drink would bring. For example, in the University of Yunnan, located in China, they came to the conclusion that, drinking three or four cups of red tea a day, one can get thin, depending on the person’s overweight state.

According to the studies carried out by this institution, people who had a high degree of obesity , went down to 9 kilos in a month.

For its part, the properties of red tea to lose weight were also studied in Europe. In the Parisian hospital of Saint Antoine, 88 percent of the people who underwent the habitual consumption of the drink, managed in a month to lose between 3 and 10 kilograms. Even many achieved it even though they did not vary at all their usual diet .

How does this tea work?

According to Western medicine, it argues that it is due to the acceleration of the metabolism of the liver and this would favor the rapid elimination of fats.

For its part, traditional Chinese medicine, set in a holistic paradigm, says that it is due to energy reasons related to that kind of tea.

Main Benefits of Red Tea

  • Detoxifies and purifies the liver by activating the metabolism.
  • Reinforces the immune system, preserves infections and has bacterial effects.
  • Cure the bad mood and even slight depressions.
  • Facilitate digestion of fatty foods and stimulates the secretion of the digestive glands.
  • It reduces the level of cholesterol.
  • Eliminates overweight caused by a poor diet.

Where did red tea come from? 

It is a product originating in the Yunnan region, a province incorporated into China in the thirteenth century and located next to Burma, Laos and Vietnam.

The “region of eternal spring”, as it is known, has a climate especially favorable for the cultivation of tea, especially in the mountainous regions, where the almost methodical rains and a temperate and frost-free temperature make that the tree of the Red Tea -Qingmao- occurs with singular exuberance. Judging by those who know her, one of the most beautiful regions on Earth.

As an ancestral drink it was very useful, in this region, and today without a doubt the red tea detox diet can be imported and turned into the ideal alternative to lose weight this summer.