What are sulfates and how do they damage our skin?

Sulfates are a group of aggressive synthetic detergents. It is the cheapest way to generate a good amount of foam that, mistakenly, we tend to associate with “CLEANING SERIOUSLY”! These ingredients devastate everything by using their high detergent power: dirt and natural oils that our own body generates to protect us from external agents. In this way, we feel dizzy to the skin and its capacity for self-regulation. The poor thing is permanently in an unsuccessful attempt to recover its normal oiliness, hyper stimulating natural oily secretions. One of the best ways is to use handmade soap for bath.


In principle, when you just get out of the shower, you will notice that the skin is tight and lackluster. In the long term, allergies or other types of alterations can be generated in the skin, mainly related to said regulatory alteration. But what is even more worrying is that they are able to associate with other ingredients and generate carcinogenic byproducts.


Where are they?

They are in any type of cleaner that generates foam. We can find them in soaps, shampoos, detergents, etc. That is, if the product generates foam, check the Inci (labeled with the ingredients) looking for the so-called sulfates that I mentioned above. Remember that it is a cheap ingredient.

What alternatives do I have in the market?

There are much more respectful alternatives with your body and the environment. Because we must not forget that we are also animals and we are part of the environment, the clarification sounds silly, does not it? But unfortunately we must do it!

The soaps that are developed based on the combination of natural and vegetable oils are an excellent option. The process is technically called “saponification”. You can combine different oils, but the one that you will always find present is Coco, because thanks to it, byproducts are generated that regulate the foam and its persistence. They clean without damaging and create a soft, creamy and persistent foam. The irritation rate is much lower. As in everything: we should not abuse! It is healthy to cleanse, it is healthy to drink water, but to exaggerate is not healthy. There is a disease called potomania and is related to people who drink excess water generating an alteration in their internal environment. With this example I want to tell you that cleaning in exaggeration also alters our health.