My little rituals for beautiful skin

In the morning, I erase the traces of fatigue. Do you have swollen eyes when you wake up? Pockets due to fatigue or lack of sleep? Discover the ice reflex! The fastest ? An ice cube slipped into a washcloth or gauze band, apply 5 minutes under and on each eye.

Result: cold activates blood circulation and decongests the eye and dark circles.

If it is a chronic problem and you have a little more time, it is advisable to prepare in advance ice cubes of black tea, preferably unflavored, for maximum efficiency.

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I take the time to properly apply my moisturizer

Are you offering a good moisturizer every morning to your face? That’s good, but for it to be really effective, you have to apply it properly … and wherever you need it. Fastidious? Two minutes are enough. First advice: always proceed from the inside of the face to the outside. Start with the contour of the mouth: place a little cream at the corners of the lips and go up to the cheekbones and temples by making small circles. Start again from the upper lip. For the outline of the eyes, from the inside by stretching the cream outwards below and above the eye. Continue by the forehead, always in small circles, then chin. Without forgetting to go back down to the neck and neck. Areas too often forgotten, On which the marks of time tend to appear faster. With a few gestures, our face is fresh, relaxed, free of the last traces of sleep … In short, ready for the day!


I take two minutes to look after my eyes

An eye contour care is not a luxury. Not only can it prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it can especially bring comfort to an area of ​​the face that is constantly in demand during the day. The whole takes only a minute: one deposits a little cream of the fingertips in 4 or 5 points under each eye. Then we go back to stretch the care by practicing large circular movements starting from the bottom as far as the arch. Finish by tapping the underside of the eye very lightly with your fingertips to tone it. Two gestures to start again if you want, so as to relax this area. And mitigate the signs of fatigue morning and evening.