Improving your erectile dysfunction with only one exercise  

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If you’re continually failing to reach a firm erection, you’re not the only one. For many reasons, we all have experienced this at least once, and it can happen even to big studs and guys you would never imagine to have sexual problems. The most straightforward approach is using Viagra and similar rescue methods, but that’s not the only thing you can do.

First off, it is important to know what happens during erections. When your penis gets hard, it is because a few groups of blood vessels start filling up with blood. Blood stays for a long time inside an area in your penis called corpus cavernosum. What you basically need to improve your erections is to stimulate blood circulation in this area, and even promote the creation of new blood vessels down there. That’s precisely what we’re trying to achieve with this method.

This method is similar to the Angion method, which is currently very popular among men online and has reached impressive results. It is not a rescue method like Viagra. Instead, it is an exercise you can do to improve the quality of your erections progressively.

With your penis at least 80% hard, hold it with your left hand without pressing hard, only to give yourself support. Next, using your right thumb, you will start pressing hard the center of your penis, right below the tip, and continue pushing all the way down to the root of your penis. This follows the trajectory of the dorsal vein of the penis and makes the blood flow go back to your general circulation.

Repeat the same movement continuously, as long as you can, some 30 to 40 seconds or until you start losing your erection. Then, try to get back your erection and do it all over again. You might notice a slight increase in your heartbeat, and if you’re doing it correctly, you will start noticing something similar to a pulse in your penis.

By doing this, you’re stimulating new blood to fill the space, and your arteries and veins will constantly provide your penis with more blood. It is an excellent exercise, and even though it seems pretty simple, it is effective to improve your erections in the long run. It may even increase the size of your penis because your arteries and veins will be more stimulated to increase their normal blood flow.

You can do this exercise every day or every other day. It depends on you. I would recommend you to take around 15 minutes to do it.

Remember that by doing this exercise you’re taking out blood from your penis, so it is normal if you feel your erection to drop quickly. If this happens too soon, do not panic. It is exactly what this exercise aims: you’re stimulating your circulatory system to improve and fill your penis more and for a longer time. It is like Viagra but lasts for a longer time.