How to use Minoxidil for Hair

Minoxidil for Hair

Minoxidil is a solution for cutaneous use. The liquid is transparent and colorless. Minoxidil is normally dispensed in cans fitted with a spray pump to facilitate application. Then, in this article, we explain how to use Minoxidil in your hair, whether you are male or female. The important thing you have to keep in mind is that the explanation you will read below is based on the product 15% Minoxidil, this is a product that should be prepared at the pharmacy.

This medication is indicated in the treatment of moderate intensity and rogenetic alopecia.

Steps to follow:

1: Before starting treatment with this medication it will be necessary for your doctor to do a complete clinical review. Consult your doctor, even if any of the above mentioned circumstances have happened to you at some time. As with other medications, the degree of response to treatment depends on each patient, therefore, it may be necessary a previous treatment of 4 months before the hair begins to grow.

2: The first step to using Minoxidil is that your hair should be clean and dry. You must apply it in the area that you lose hair not in other areas of the body.

3: It is very important that you use it with the vaporizer to achieve a better penetration in the whole scalp. Another important aspect is to apply the sufficient dose you must make 5 more beats (total 6), repeating the same operation each time. After 6 beats, the dose of 1 ml will be applied.

4: For treatment of large areas of the scalp: the spray applicator and metering pump, in contrast to treatment of small areas of hair or below is used: the cannula and applicator nozzle is used.

5: The recommended daily dose is 1 ml of the solution every 12 hours (each ml corresponds to 6 sprays), starting at the center of the area to be treated. The recommended daily dose should be respected regardless of the extent of alopecia. The maximum recommended daily dose is 2 ml (12 sprays).

6: The accidental or voluntary overdose after the topical application of 15% minoxidil will produce an increase in the intensity of adverse effects of dermatological type, especially pruritus (itching), dryness, skin irritation and eczema.

7: At the end of the use of Minoxidil, it is recommended to wash the hands with plenty of water to prevent the growth of hair in unwanted areas.

8: After using the bottle with the Minoxidil you must recap it and keep it in a dry place that is not in direct contact with sunlight. Do not store at a temperature higher than 30ºC.


·         If you stop the treatment for 3-4 months you can return to the initial state of alopecia that you had before starting the treatment.

·         Do not use Minoxidil after the expiration date indicated on the package