How to relieve back pain?

Do you know that 80% of the world’s population have suffered or will suffer from back pain at least once in their life, for a longer or shorter period?

It may seem surprising, and yet our back is constantly put to use in everyday life. Now, between the days spent in front of the computer, the bad postures we are used to taking and the loaded bags that we sometimes wear, we too often forget to take care of back.

Here are some exercises recommended by Center for Upper Back Pain Relief to stretch your back and relieve the pain, but also several tips to prevent them from returning constantly.

6 exercises to stretch your back

When your back hurts, you can relieve it by stretching it in several ways. Here are some simple exercises that you can do in just a few minutes for upper back pain relief.

1) Stretching up

Stand up, stretch your arms up and stretch them out for about 10 seconds. During this time, slowly exhale through your mouth. Then release your arms, hang them on each side of your body and relax completely while inhaling through your nose.

You can repeat the exercise several times if necessary.

2) Stretching forward

Still standing, stand together and bend your back forward until it is perpendicular to your legs. Then stretch your arms in the continuity of your back, as far as possible. Follow the movement with your shoulders to fully stretch your entire back.

If you lack balance, stretch one arm while holding each other on the edge of a table. Stay in this position for as long as you can or feel it necessary, and then rise slowly.

3) Stretching down

Still standing, slowly drop your back forward as far as you can, until you have your head upside down. Relax completely and stay in this position for about 10 seconds while exhaling through your mouth.

Then, get up slowly by unrolling your back little by little, vertebra by vertebra, while inhaling through the nose. Keep your head down during the whole process and do not raise it until the end, after unrolling your entire back.

Repeat at least 3 times.

4) Exercise of the ball

Lie down on a carpet with your back on the floor. Lie down fully, then fold both knees over your chest. Grab them with your hands to stretch everything. Your buttocks and shoulders will peel off the ground to form a curve with your back. Stay in this position as long as possible.

If it is difficult for you to keep this position, you can fold one leg at a time. So keep one leg straight and fold the other over your chest. Put your hands on your lap to get as much as possible to your bust. Stay in this position for about 30 seconds then repeat with the other leg.


5) Twisting the pelvis

Always lie on your back, keep your legs straight and stretch your arms on either side of your body. Join your knees and turn them to the right, while turning your pelvis to the left. While your right shoulder is going to lift a little, be sure to keep your left shoulder on the ground.

Stay in this position for several seconds, and then release and start again on the other side. Do the exercise 3 to 5 times on each side.


6) Stretching the pelvis

Put your left knee on the floor by extending your foot so that the plant is upwards. Then, bend your right leg forward so that the soles of your right foot are firmly on the ground. Grab your right knee with both hands, hold your back straight and stretch it with your chest slightly out.