Healthy nutrition: the importance of a light dinner

At dinner time, you have to eat healthy nutrition with a varied and balanced diet, as in any meal. It is not advisable to prepare very copious dishes because afterwards we sleep worse. Of course, it is not good to go to bed without eating anything. In addition, it is recommended that dinner be early to help the body digest food better. It is also recommended to stop overeating in dinner.

Another tip that we give you to make a light dinner is to have a quick snack in the afternoon, so you will avoid arriving hungry at dinner and you will not binge. The idea is to end the day with a meal that gives you energy to replace you during the day, but without resorting to very large dinners.

In this sense, dinner should contain few saturated fats and simple sugars. In addition, it is best to include foods of animal origin, as well as fruits, vegetables or cereals. You can follow dinner recipes with chicken. Here are some light food ideas for dinner.


Light and healthy foods

We recommend having vegetable and chicken creams, eggs, an omelette or fish. Both in the case of chicken and fish, it is best to make them grilled.

You can also accompany the dish with whole meal bread and take dessert or seasonal fruit or a skimmed yogurt.

Another light option for good health in nutrition is to prepare a complete salad that contains, for example, lettuce, tomato, tuna, olives, asparagus and that is dressed with olive oil. You can get information about salad recipes on

It is also a good idea to take green beans or prepare an assortment of grilled vegetables and roasted peppers.


Benefits of a light dinner

If we get used to preparing light dinners, it will be easier to regain strength without ending up with a feeling of bloating. You will notice the benefits right away, since you will sleep better and your sleep will have a greater restorative effect. In the morning, you will feel your body lighter and more energetic.

In this sense, you will allow your metabolism to work better, without having to over-exert yourself at night, which will result in your body burning fat while you sleep. Also, by eating light foods, you will favor digestion.

This also affects the aging of the body. By eating light and sleeping well, the body produces more hormones, thus preventing the degeneration of cells.

To finish in addition to a healthy nutrition is important to wait two hours before going to sleep, so it is important not to dine too late. Thus, you will allow your body to digest food well and this will help you to rest better.