Do you know how to calculate your IQ?

Do you know how to calculate your IQ?

The IQ is an easily calculable value. Learn through the following tips the best way to find out what your level of intelligence is:

  • If you do not know your IQ, it is a curious fact that can help you in your self-discovery and capacity detection.
  • We show you how you can calculate your intelligence and what it can do for you.
  • The IQ is one more piece of information, along with the rest of your skills and abilities, which you can use to decide what to study or in which areas you excel.

Coined for the first time in 1912 by the American psychologist William Stern, the intelligent quotient (IQ) is a value commonly associated with the level of intelligence, the result of a series of psychological tests.

A high IQ can be attractive at academic and work levels, so you need to know how to calculate it. For you to be able to perform this calculation, we give you some keys.

What does the intelligent quotient (IQ) imply?

The IQ is a figure that quantifies intelligence, an innate ability to learn and incorporate new things.

There are different levels of intelligence from the Online IQ test that you have:

  • An IQ above 140 qualifies the person as a genius.
  • The average person has an intelligence level between 90 and 110.
  • Those with an IQ less than 70 are usually individuals who require special help.

How to translate test results to IQ?

The QI Comparison website allows you to take your SAT test results to the IQ average. It is an approximate result but basically correct.

You can also take an intelligence test in the IQ Test portal. They are relatively accurate and widely used. In them your level of logic, reasoning and spatial perception will be evaluated. Once you have finished the test, the site will announce your IQ value.

Another option to calculate your IQ more accurately is to apply for a place in a high IQ society. You can register and perform an aptitude test to measure your intelligent quotient. The structure is very similar to those in previous websites.

If you want to calculate the IQ of a child, do not resort to this type of test, since the measurement of IQ in children is different.

Its intelligent quotient (IQ) is calculated from its ability to discern shapes and changes, as well as the ability to solve simple problems. To know the IQ value of a child it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Although knowing your IQ can be useful, it does not have to be a determining factor that limits you when deciding what to study or what skills you have and what you lack.

You must remember that, in addition to intelligence, there are other factors that will determine your professional and personal development, such as your emotional intelligence, your effort and involvement or your motivation.