Benefits of dragon fruit

dragon fruit

Currently there is a fruit that has gained much popularity not only for its name, but also for its unique appearance and unique taste, we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than the fruit of the dragon or as it is also known, pitaya, pitahaya, yaurero, pitajon, warakko or dragon fruit. Contrary to what is believed, this delight of nature is not Asian, but it is native of Central America, from where it receives each one of the names according to the country where it is cultivated.

Among the most remarkable characteristics of this fruit we find a pulp full of black seeds that are suitable for human consumption, it also has a reddish or yellowish outer appearance with spinals that makes it more attractive. Discover more in this article about the properties and Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit.

  1. Provides vitamin C: The first property that we can mention about the dragon fruit is that it has an almost inexhaustible source of vitamin C. This nutrient provides many benefits to the body, but above all it provides a dose of antioxidants that are enriching for the different functions of the body. It should be noted that antioxidants are necessary to combat free radicals, which are responsible for the deterioration of the immune system of humans and also the wear and tear of cells. By consuming the dragon fruit you can fight those free radicals, and therefore enjoy benefits such as the rejuvenation of the skin and cells.
  1. Low caloric profile: One of the main benefits of this fruit is that it has a very low caloric profile, which makes it an ideal element of the diet of anyone who wants to lose weight but without losing the intake of important nutrients. The dragon fruit is made up of 90% pure water, so not only will it prevent you from gaining weight, it will also keep you hydrated for much longerFind out what all the foods are that will help you stay hydrated.
  2. Much fiber: Earlier we mentioned that one of the main characteristics of dragon fruit is that it contains many seeds in its pulp, well, all those seeds that are suitable for human consumption provide a lot of fiber. The benefit of all this fiber is that they improve intestinal transit, maintaining optimal functioning in bowel movements, which also contributes to weight loss.
  3. High content in water: 90% of the composition of this fruit is only water, you already know it, what you do not know is that this guide not only serves to keep you hydrated, but also helps to combat fluid retention. But the benefits offered by dragon fruit thanks to the large amount of water are not limited to that, but in addition to all that allows your kidneys to expel toxins with greater efficiency.
  4. High content of captin: The captin is a molecule that is very concentrated in the pulp of the dragon fruit and that brings many benefits especially to the cardiovascular system of people. This element works as a tonic that adheres to the walls of the heart with the sole function of ensuring the best performance of this vital organ.
  5. Antihistamine: The fruit of the dragon possesses an incomparable property that makes it a necessary food for people suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma or rhinitis. These antihistamine properties help to solve these health problems and contribute to the early improvement.