Become a Doctor: profession, studies and training

become a doctor easy

The doctor examines the patient, establishes a diagnosis, orders examinations and prescribes the necessary pharmaceutical or hospital treatment. He follows his patients and manages their health as a whole. There are general practitioners and specialists in pathology.

In the face of health problems (illness, injury, psychological shock), the doctor must make a diagnosis based on multiple elements such as the clinical interrogation during which the patient describes what he feels, the auscultation in the form of examination, palpation, tension and other functional explorations.

Additional examinations such as x-rays or scans may be necessary. In view of the results treatment can be prescribed and care provided. He is also a professional who offers therapies based on the updated conclusions of the scientific medical community.

In liberal, it can receive many patients which imply large amplitude hourly. In most cases the practitioner shares his day or week in home visits and in reception at his office . The doctor can also make visits to social services or to the hospital.


In all cases, doctors, whether general or specialist (cardiologist, radiologist, ophthalmologist, pediatrician), must be registered with the National Council of the College of Physicians to be able to practice.

The doctor can work in many sectors of activity: pharmaceutical industry, humanitarian medicine, school medicine, laboratory, public health or occupational medicine.

The military doctor exercises in armies or during external operations. He can be a unit doctor and follow the latter on the ground or hospital doctor in one of the army hospitals.

The school doctor practices in primary schools, colleges and high schools. His missions are multiple since he is at the same time clinician, expert medical and public health, educator and trainer.

Studies / Training to become a doctor

After Windsor Caribbean Medical university study, to practice as a doctor, the state diploma of a doctor of medicine is compulsory. It is issued at the end of the training of doctor who lasts 9 years for a generalist, and 10 or 11 years for a specialist.

The end-of-6th year exam includes 3 grades: an end-of-5th year exam which validates the exams, a 6th year exam more focused on the clinical aspects and a 3rd grade taking into account the student’s course.

Hospital internship lasts 3 years for general practitioners, 4 years for most specialists and 5 years for specialists such as surgery or internal medicine. Some specialists prepare a diploma of complementary specialized studies.

At the end of the course, interns receive a diploma of specialized studies which validates their competence.