Advantages of testosterone for muscle building

Whenever we talk about how to increase muscle mass we refer to protein and carbohydrate diets, to consume creatine or other food supplements or exercise tables to improve power and strength, but what about testosterone? This hormone is one of the biggest forgotten and yet it can become a good ally to improve our muscle mass if we know how to strengthen it well. Here is the best Testosterone Booster for men.

The first thing to do with testosterone is to break urban legends. This hormone, which most people associate with masculinity, is produced by all human beings, both men and women. All women have testosterone in the same way that all men have estrogen. The difference lies in the levels of each sex. Obviously a man has much more testosterone than a woman. But this hormone is also necessary in women for aspects such as physical exercise. So if you are a woman and athlete, do not be afraid to control and boost your testosterone to improve your performance.

Testosterone: vital for muscle

There are studies that determine that, if we control our testosterone level, we already have 90 percent of the results of the training done. Testosterone helps muscle fibers grow, so by boosting this hormone we can see more marked muscles in less time. Testosterone also affects the performance itself. It will make the muscle saturate less and therefore we can do more intense exercises to improve muscle building.

Testosterone also helps to tire us less as muscle recovery after training is faster. It is a natural remedy to prevent the appearance of soreness. And, as a curiosity, this hormone helps us to have greater sexual vigor. So after a hard workout your partner can rest assured that you will adequately fulfill it.

Increase testosterone naturally

One of the easy ways to increase testosterone levels quickly is through steroids. This is a practice sometimes used by bodybuilders. However, it is not recommended because of the side effects it may have, since it can affect our sexual organs or produce hypertrophy and even unwanted hair or male baldness.

Also, do not use artificial substances when we can boost testosterone in our body in a completely natural way. If we seek to increase the levels of this hormone, it is enough to take an adequate diet and do the exercise correctly. Bananas, garlic, tuna, eggs, lean meat, nuts, beans, avocado or broccoli are the foods that help our bodies make testosterone. And of course also oysters, hence it is said that they are aphrodisiac, since by improving testosterone levels the desire increases. In short, foods that are rich in zinc, vitamin D, iron or magnesium. Also, reduce refined sugar to the maximum and avoid drinking alcohol to have a higher level of testosterone.

At the level of muscular training, we must focus on strength exercises, such as heavy biceps, triceps and pectoral weights. High intensity exercises help to increase testosterone quickly and gain muscle mass at the same time. Other secondary tips that help increase testosterone is to rest the body well – at least sleep eight hours a day – avoid stress, and, although it seems trivial, do not wear tight underwear, especially during training. Do not forget that most of the testosterone is produced in the sexual organs. And it’s better to wear something comfortable than something tight that looks great but is ‘drowning’ our genitals.