Today we meet to talk tan. Because for most girls (at least I think) tanning is an inevitable thing in the summer! But not everyone has a skin that looks good and especially fast. So I give you some tips for a beautiful tan!

1 – Get your skin in the sun

This step may seem stupid but it is very important! Indeed the more you will get your skin in the sun at the beginning of the season (so a little strong sun) and the more you will tan quickly (and avoid sunburn).

2 – Choose the right tanning hours

There is no point in browning you at times when the sun is hitting the hardest, because all you will get is a lot of sunburn. It is therefore best to tan in the morning before 11:00am and in the afternoon after 16h.

3 – Moisturize your skin several times a day

Moisturize will keep your skin smooth and your tan will look better. And in case of sunburns it will only do you good.

4 – Apply sunscreen on your skin

This is the most important thing to do! Put sunscreen on his body does not prevent tanning and on the contrary it will prevent you from taking bad sunburns. If you have clear skin privileged a high index (ie 60/50) and as and when (and only if your skin reacts well to the sun) you can decrease the protection of your cream solar.

5 – Eat fruits and vegetables

Orange, red, yellow and green fruits and vegetables help your skin tan and help you stay longer.

6 – Exfoliate your skin at least once a week

This is not the most important thing to do but it can be very useful because exfoliating your skin helps to eliminate dead cells and renew the news. Your tan will be more beautiful and your skin will thank you! Remember, the more you take care of your skin and the better your tan will be.

7 – Do not stay still under the sun

Some people stay for long hours lying down to tan. Only when we move (for example when we play ball on the beach) or we bathe we bronze even faster! (and what’s more fun it’s not great ?!)


I hope that my advice will be useful to you and will allow you to have a nice tan! (and not too much sunburn if possible ).